(n) A Blog game conceived by the famous gamist Ben and named by the renowned surf guru Singlefin, it's basically just Hangman but on a blog. If you guess the word, the BloHaMa baton gets passed to you.


(n) the acknowledged existence of a state “owing” between two parties, where one has owage (is owed) by the other. A situation that may arise between blog parties when members of a team blog have neglected to post for a time and suddenly one makes a move; thereby establishing owage over the implied tendencies towards ablandonment displayed by peers.

Owage, once recognised, can be met only by undertaking chores of a discouragingly penitent nature. It can be mitigated by the discovery of typelexia and blippies.


(n) A typing disorder where letter signals from the brain become entangled resulting in an incorrected finder deprissing or numerous fingers spasming. Typically occurs during lengthy email, chat or typing activity, and frequently in the early hours of the morning.


(n ) the ability to form mental images of the smells of things or events; "he could still smell her in his imagination."


(n) The act of reviving a blog after long-term ablandonment.

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