(n) 1. Continuing to blog in hopes that Things Will Get Better.


(v)1. To make a fuss.
2. To be engaged in 'busy work'. That which is unnecessary but makes you appear thorough, careful, pedantic, or all three.


(v) to reduce a well-developed character to a representation of a particular idea (i.e., what internet quizzes do. Aside from infecting you with a certain mania).

Its antonym is 'unstereotypicalise', which is much more fun (and is the secret of the best fanfiction!).


(v.) To, with absolute certainty, verify that something is exactly what you think it is, and not a clever imitation.

tatennis noblotion

(n) 1. forgetting to blog because you are too busy watching Olympic table tennis *WRAW*


(n) Money, moolah, cashiola, dough, bread, loot, euchre, currency
(Orig. - walken around - I've been Tot!)


(n) accidentally posting your personal stuff to a team blog.

source: The Slayer Library: Continuation


(n) Any mystical whose-it, or technical whats-it, that will get people out of a sticky situation.

Phlebotonous (adj)

(Orig: a term the Mutant Enemy writing team uses, that I can't help but like)


(n) 1. turn off your blog at the end of a long day.
2. (slang) a crass way to express someone is not welcome on your blog.


(adj) A tendancy or demonstrated preference towards behaviour that opposes the strictures of accepted western culture and its expectations.


(n) 1. inappropriate use of google as a performance enhancing substance during nocturnal Quizmania.


(n) 1. a reference containing many words related to blogging or perhaps spelled with "blog" in them.
2. this website.

Not to be confused with blogtionery, the intangible media upon which blogs are written.


(adj) Favourable, desirable or good.

(Orig: It's my way of saying something is good and more recently from Firefly)


(n) - 1. The superfluous sharing of often slightly offensive matter or ideas. Effects often linger well after initial contact.
2. Repugnant residue
(Orig. - Another blatant steal, this time from somewhere in Voice. Sorry, lost exact locale... I swear I do not go looking for these things...)


(n) Speech which seems to be intelligent except that the speaker's actions scream to the contrary.

"You're a hypocrite, and you're talking hypocrap."

Warning: Page has Expired

What it states -
"The page you requested was created using information you submitted in a form. This page is no longer available. As a security precaution, Internet Explorer does not automatically resubmit your information for you. To resubmit your information and view this Web page, click the Refresh button."

What it means -
"There has been a monumental cock-up."

(Thanks to Ben and dvdplaza)


(n) 1. The compulsion one feels to post in one's blog, not because one wishes to but because one feels they aught.
2. A blog-type which is oratory in style.


(v) To bloviate in ones blog.

(Thanks to Ben for his suggestion)
Src:'s Word of the Day


(n) A common disease/mental disorder caused by an overdose of internet quizzes. Symptoms include the sufferer assuming false identities (e.g., "I am a sexy microwave!"), and spouting random incomprehensibilities (e.g., "Release the super-intelligent assasin ducks with machine guns!"). Highly contagious.


(adj) The quality of being transformed either for the purpose of being incorporated into the mass media, or being changed through incorporation into same.
(Orig. Are you kidding? This one's been sneaking up on us for years!)


(n) A good, exclamatory remark.

(Orig: Xander, upon seeing Glory's tower in Buffy)


(n) The state or quality of having an expansive command of language, enabling one to be clear, distinct and easily perceived or understood.
(Orig. - Hmmm, a student? Certainly was in 2004)


(v.) To apply a topical product that reduces the secretion of salty, malodorous fluid in response to heat, physical exertion or stress, with a simple, positive, social outcome in mind.
(Orig - Blatantly stolen from this guy. Thanks!)


(adj.) Being of value in an informal, spoken exchange of ideas or news between two or more people. An element that is good for engaging another in a conversation.
(Orig - The Librarian, 7 hours and 47 minutes ago)


Writing blog posts containing certain words in the hope of attracting bizarre hits from search engines.

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