(adj) When a blogger ablandons their blogs for the newest craze (e.g. facebook).


(n) A handle too small to fit your hand in. Sometimes caused by the unwanted taping up of the bag.


(n) A book which started out as a blog. As celebrated by the Lulu Blooker prize and mentioned in this article.

As suggested by Skuds.


(n) Substance upon which you can, as a blogger, blogfeed, thereby providing material for your blog.


(n) should be evident from the above definition. However, does a blogfeeder have anything in common with a bottom feeder, one wonders?

Definitions provided by Reluctant Nomad.

Secret Squoggle

(n) A person who mysteriously comments on a blog—intimating a connection to the blogger but unwilling to reveal their identity. Their catchphrase is “Guess me if you can!” Squoggles may be friends, family or work colleagues who have stumbled across your blog. They may also be complete strangers playing with your mind. Squoggles typically do not have a blog—yet. Don't worry, they soon will.

Secret Squoggle often becomes a guessing game, and is similar and completely opposite to Blourne Identity.


(n) the practice of fake blogging. That is, creating a website and putting "posts" on it, but not actually using an blog software to do it. It either means you're (a) really good at website development or (b) don't know about blogs or (c) trialling it out at work without discussing blogging at endless committees in order to gain approval to implement a system that may or may not actually be capable of blogging.


To be blog-stopped up, so to speak.

As suggested by Reluctant Nomad, who was just a bit too late to get in their definition of Blogarrhoea: "to have the blogging trots."


1. (n.) The range of words commonly used by bloggers (hopefully).

2. (n.) A list of common words. Sometimes referred to as a Blogtionary.

Word submitted by Ayatollah Mugsy.


(n.) A person who inspires others to create their own blogs.

Blogivators are usually so obsessed with their blogs that their friends either start their own blogs to have something to talk about or get that funny look on their face every time the Blogivator talks about blogs. Of course, I've never found this to be the case...

Word submitted by Rosby.


(abbr.) A 'BLOg that is Infuriatingly Pointless'.

"You know the ones... they take 20 minutes to load, even with broadband, because there are so many animated GIFs and smilies and javascripts which make a trail of butterflies follow the cursor around, and there is usually an mpg or quicktime film playing in a window and background music playing. The only thing missing is any writing, apart from a poem or two, with each stanza in a different colour and font, all of which clash with each other and the background.

You can find these so-called blogs if you hit the "next blog" button on Blogger enough times."

Defintion submitted by Skuds.


(v.) To blog in an angry, abusive or spleen-venting manner. One can have a brant in a post, or devote their entire blog to branting, e.g. Life In General.

Submitted by Skuds.


1. (n.) The energy required for blogging.

2. (n.) The cooperative interaction of two or more groups of bloggers to create a combined effect that is greater than the sum of the parts. (Or simplier put - this blog is better because I have four other people to help me run it!)

Submitted by Husky Dave.


You can't stop blogging the signal.

Blogging Like Rabbits

A phrase used to describe people or, more confusingly, individual persons who keep spawning new blogs.

If not monitored closely these cases may turn into a blague, and the blogger may need to be spayed.


(adj.) something that combines quantitative research and qualitative research.

Otherwise known as 'hedging your bets' because you (a) forgot which it was, and (b) mistyped it.

Hat-tip to Jane M for making my day with this linguistic gem.


(n.) State of all-out disputation and confrontation across multiple blogs.

As identified here.

Sometimes it makes you yearn to restrict comments to personal bliends (blog friends).

Should that last one have a separate entry?


A short-lived blog where the owner begins with passion and zest but loses interest, leaving the blog to fall into ablandonment .


A blog that never manages to get past it's first post.


(n): that quality required by a blogger to get themselves writing again when they're trying to get their blog to be a bloenix


(adj) A blog who's content is so dull that it causes or induces sleep.

Example: this blog

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