(abbr.) A 'BLOg that is Infuriatingly Pointless'.

"You know the ones... they take 20 minutes to load, even with broadband, because there are so many animated GIFs and smilies and javascripts which make a trail of butterflies follow the cursor around, and there is usually an mpg or quicktime film playing in a window and background music playing. The only thing missing is any writing, apart from a poem or two, with each stanza in a different colour and font, all of which clash with each other and the background.

You can find these so-called blogs if you hit the "next blog" button on Blogger enough times."

Defintion submitted by Skuds.


(v.) To blog in an angry, abusive or spleen-venting manner. One can have a brant in a post, or devote their entire blog to branting, e.g. Life In General.

Submitted by Skuds.


1. (n.) The energy required for blogging.

2. (n.) The cooperative interaction of two or more groups of bloggers to create a combined effect that is greater than the sum of the parts. (Or simplier put - this blog is better because I have four other people to help me run it!)

Submitted by Husky Dave.

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