(adj.) something that combines quantitative research and qualitative research.

Otherwise known as 'hedging your bets' because you (a) forgot which it was, and (b) mistyped it.

Hat-tip to Jane M for making my day with this linguistic gem.


(n.) State of all-out disputation and confrontation across multiple blogs.

As identified here.

Sometimes it makes you yearn to restrict comments to personal bliends (blog friends).

Should that last one have a separate entry?


A short-lived blog where the owner begins with passion and zest but loses interest, leaving the blog to fall into ablandonment .


A blog that never manages to get past it's first post.


(n): that quality required by a blogger to get themselves writing again when they're trying to get their blog to be a bloenix


(adj) A blog who's content is so dull that it causes or induces sleep.

Example: this blog

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