(n) the acknowledged existence of a state “owing” between two parties, where one has owage (is owed) by the other. A situation that may arise between blog parties when members of a team blog have neglected to post for a time and suddenly one makes a move; thereby establishing owage over the implied tendencies towards ablandonment displayed by peers.

Owage, once recognised, can be met only by undertaking chores of a discouragingly penitent nature. It can be mitigated by the discovery of typelexia and blippies.


At 4:50 am, Blogger Pickwick said...


This is what happens when you use a word before becoming familiar with it via blogtionary. I used owage in an inappropriate manner. I used it as an expression of degrees of 'ouch'-ness. I think the truly frightening thing is that it still made sense.... To me, at least:-)

At 11:16 am, Blogger Ben said...

I can see how owage might frequently cause owage ;)


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