Antonym of blag. Also, a little bit of an embarrassing mistake that you can't help but laugh along with everyone else once caught out on.


(n) An expression of distaste; a blip of the tongue saying “blah”.

May occassionally pop out on discovering bloggers have updated their tagboard but not their blog! :(


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(adj) Engaged in or given to meditation; showing a tendancy towards process, power or faculty of thinking.
(Orig.) Thursday, camp. Child: I'm not feeling very thinkative today.


(n) The ability to apply one's imagination to a post or comment on a blog. It is an intangible, and waxes and wanes in a rather inexplicable manner.


(n) sad state of a blog which has been abandoned by it's authors and patrons.

B303: Found on a blog, somewhere, someday

A redirection status, used to indicate the linked resource should exist, or will exist, or indeed may already exist but one is too lazy to link to it. When you need a link but don't know what, use this page, then fully intend to optionally put the real link in the comments.

This is different to the B04 error, which indicates authoritively, in no uncertain terms, that the requested blog indeed does not exist.


(n) a rumour started on a blog that takes hold and spreads like firefox.

the Borlg

(n) Collective of bloggers; to which all who do not blog shall eventually be assimilated.


(adj.) blor`jing. A post that is boring to read, often because the subject matter is so esoteric as to hold little or no interest for the average reader. The reason I cannot post more to my own blog about cool and crazy IT stuff.


(n) The sudden physical reaction a blogger has when they think of a fantastic post topic.

Source: driving home and laughing out loud at a witty post title I'd come up with.


(n) This is the sudden jerky movements or wild thrashing about that overwhelms a person when their mobile phone goes off somewhere it shouldn't.

Common in cinemas, theatres and lecture halls, the condition of beepilepsy attracts about as much sympathy from bystanders as the condition of being a tax auditor.

Source: Mondo Lingo.

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