(adj) The unfortunate result of spending too much time composing a post. The free hand, not bound to the mouse, strays to the head where it proceeds to pull, twist and contort the hair into embarassingly odd styles. The severity of Blog-Hair is directly proportional to the self-confience of the Blogger that their writing is total crap.


(adj.) what one becomes after too much searching on Google. Usually occurs in relation to an ongoing or recent obsession rather than in pursuit of any specific piece of information.


(n.) When a once silent blog comes back to life (hope that helps Ben).

Update: closely related to blogurrection.


(n) a lengthy, impassioned post that may cause bruising of the fingertips and thumbs due to the fast and furious typing of the blogger.


(adj.) fear of using MSN

With apologies to Casyn for not facing this fear.


(n.) The state of being anxious about a blog post you made.


(n) A person who has never had a blog (and is justly mocked for it).

Word family: Blirginity (n), the state of being a blirgin (a truly sad state).

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