(n) The condition of having an developed penchant for and love for lists, the creation of and crossing off of items from same.
Orig. - why, me, of course, the biggest listophiliac of all time!


(adj) Having two or more identities. Keeping a fact about oneself secret from the blog world by appearing to defy stereotypical boundaries.


n) The inappropriate or unsuitable use of blog words or expreesions. For example, when you use Blipple instead of Blippie.


(n) A person who writes a blog while pretending to be a member of the opposite sex.
Orig. The Great Net Guide Blog of the Year Controversy of 2004 see the November 15th post and visit this article. Thanks Bizgirl for all the fun!


(adj) to make a mockery, in a bloggy way.

An occurrence Ben occasionally falls victim to, due to the fact his wife, sister and mum all have blogs!

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