blip of the tongue

colloquial. Phrase used to describe a situation where one acciblently finds themselves saying words in a bloggy way, leading to repeated emblarrassment.


(n) Any act of immoderate posting indulgence; "an orgy of blogging"; "an emotional binge"; "a blurge of blogging".

B04: Blog Not Found

An error condition indicating no blog exists. A page—this page—to link to when you really want to link to someone's blog, but they don't have one.


(n) A moment of perfect blogging happiness

Word family: Blogasmic (adj)


(n) Diagnosed condition that afflicts 1 in 10 bloggers. Early symptoms include delusions that blogging may be substituted for exercise. Later complications include weak excuses to avoid social occasions for fear of missing anticipated blog comments and a faint plastic odour around the fingertips from prolonged keyboard usage.


(verb) To apply a term that is widely accepted or, alternately, an obscure reference, to the specific form of the weblog or online journal. An act of appropriation. [Thanks for the assist, Piwi.]

blourne identity

A favourite game played among bloggers away from their blogs. Involves the furtive blogger dropping vague hints about their upcoming whereabouts when travelling. Readers of the blog will try to guess the blogger's location, with diehard players going to the trouble of tracking the elusive one through picturesque cityscapes in a worldwide hunt for glory.

Points are awarded for successfully glimpsing the blogger and surreptitiously "tagging" them. Bonus points up for grabs for keeping them indoors and brainwashing them with slides of your last visit with Aunt Maud from Kempsie.

The blogger may win the game by successfully avoiding detection. If discovered, they may redeem all points by eliminating the tail through use of lethal force—earning a whopping 500pts, plus movie rights and a free holiday at taxpayers' expense.


(n) A condition in which one uses an excessive... number... of... ellipses... when... posting...
(Orig. Casyn, inspired by Eats, Blogs and Leaves


(adj) whiff·tac·u·lar: a smell that has a quality that thrusts itself into attention; "her new perfume was whifftacular"; "his body odour had reached whifftacular heights"
Orig: Natalie Bizgirl - To Coin a Phrase


(adj) using lots of wordsy words on your blog.


1. (n) One who is new to blogging; or new to a particular blog.
2. (n) One who dabbles in noobish blogging practices, when they should have learned better.

character enblogging

1. (adj) process by which readable glyphs are converted to empty boxes or question marks (depending on the browser) when posted to a blog. Like so: �


(n) One who uses a gratuitous amount of capital letters on their blog.


(adj) A person who spends an embarrassing amount of time browsing Amazon and refining their recommendations.

(Nothing to do with being a female warrior.)


(n) an overweight and unintelligent person (insult)

Source: My 15-year-old sister!


1. (n) discovering something of staggering significance on a blog.
e.g. discovering your sister has joined an internet dating service.

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