Obsessive Compulsive Commenter

When a person feels driven to leave a comment if the option is afforded them. The person does not attempt to ignore or suppress such thoughts, impulses, or images, or to neutralise them with some other thought or action. A serious mental disorder that the medical community has not yet given any credence to.


(adj) The way in which a blogger feels when they have received generous or copious feedback.
(Orig. About 5 minutes ago when I checked my email. People are so kind)


When you want to post. When you need to post. When you have things to post about. When you can't even think of a title for the post.


(v) To leave, go away from, depart, abandon
(Orig 1998 Vic. After the consumption of fermented sugars. Has since experienced some acceptance in the central west.)


(n) An individual who takes pleasure in presenting an apprearance of being unclean, dishevelled and lacking the sensitivities of a gentleman.
(Orig. Approximately 10.55 on 26/07/04 in an educational setting.)


(n) An individual who takes excessive, demonstrative pleasure in circumnavigating roundabouts at high speed. Often accompanied by the screeching of tyres, a plethora of unsavoury gestures and the terrified facial expressions of other drivers within the vicinity.


(n) What to call professional help, when you don't know what type of help a friend is receiving.


(n) A condition in which posts are published by the blogger frequently and in an effusive form.

Testing. Testing. 1 2 3

Just seeing if this works.

Expect this to be deleted shortly

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